As some of you might know, I am engaged. Yep, 18 years old, a freshman in college and I am engaged to be married. But Lisa… aren’t you a little young to be engaged? In the words of Phineas off of the cartoon show ‘Phineas and Ferb’ : “Yes, yes I am.” But to me it isn’t the age of the person that might be the issue, rather their maturity level. Though it may seem conceded, a believe both my fiancé Cody and I are mature for our age, and neither one of us are quick to rush into things without prior knowledge. So before judgements are made, I will enlighten you with the history of my love life (because I know this is exactly what you want to hear, you hopeless romantics <3)

Cody and I first laid eyes on each other at a lock-in that my Youth Group was doing. Cody showed up in his infamous digital camo jacket with his best friend James. Though it was the first night we met informally, neither of us paid too much attention to the other. After a couple weeks James and Cody began coming to my Youth towards the end of 2014. Early 2015 I started to notice Cody in more than a friendly way, we started hanging out more in March and by June of 2015 we were dating! Cody was my first boyfriend and I was loving it. But, by the end of the year things were getting tough for the two of us and I didn’t know what was wrong or what I should do…so I prayed. I prayed that God would continue to be the guide in our relationship whether that be in a romantic relationship or just as friends. I continued to pray and in January of 2016 we broke up. The months that followed were very difficult for me, but I knew that it was all in God’s plan.

In those months Cody and I both grew a lot in many aspects of our lives. Personally, I grew a lot in my faith in that time, I began doing a devotional, putting more thought into lessons and my prayer. I also had some maturing to do and learning more about myself. However, in this time that Cody and I were not dating we were still really close friends and we still hung out a decent amount. Summer came around and with more free time Cody, James, and I were hanging out, playing games and guitar. Towards the end of the summer Cody and I were talking even more and one night while we were on the phone, it was past midnight, Cody asked me what my devotional was for that day. I flipped to my devotion which discussed how a relationship or marriage based in God forms a triangle. God is at the top with each respective person in the other corners and as the two individuals grow closer to God they will also grow closer to one another. After discussing the topic for a while we both decided that this is what God wanted us to do: for both of us to continue growing our relationship with God, together.

Eleven months later, Cody and I are standing on the front porch of a house at Camp Caswell where we had shared our first kiss and Cody begins to tell me all the reasons he loves me and our relationship. He reaches into his left pocket and pulls out a box, gets down on one knee, opens the box… and the ring has fallen sideways in the box! He takes the ring in his hand and asks me “Lisa Michelle Martinat, will you marry me?” It was hopelessly romantic and rooted in how our relationship is (private and comedic), it was everything I had ever hoped for and more.

And now here we are, just over two months later and we are 118 miles apart. This new journey of college has been fun, but sad and difficult without the love of my life by my side. Yes, we SnapChat and FaceTime nearly every day, but sometimes all I want is a hug from him. While talking on the phone the other night Cody mentioned to me that in a Bible Study he had been at, they had discussed various topics including marriage and divorce and he talked about the two of us. He reminded me that because of our commitment to God and the love and strength in our relationship, because of our relationship with God, that together we can overcome anything thrown at us. Whether that be 118 miles or dead cell phones, that nothing can or will separate the love we have for one another, and nothing in this world could change those feelings. So though we both may be only 18 years old, our love is grounded in the only eternal thing, the one thing that never fades and never fails: God.

-Lisa M. Martinat
“Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.”  – 2 Chronicles 20:15b


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